Policies and Documents

Like any other Town or Parish Council, Ripon City Council have their own set of rules to follow.  These are known as Standing Orders and follow a model set of Standing Orders issued on a national level.

To view a copy of Ripon City Council’s Standing Orders please click on the link below:

RCC Standing Orders 2018 adopted 3rd September 2018

To view a copy of Ripon City Council’s Financial Regulations please click on the link below:

Financial Regulations adopted 3rd September 2018

Other policies that govern the way the Council transacts business:

Child Protection and Vulnerable Persons Policy

Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Delivery of Service, Equality & Diversity

Email Privacy Notice

Flag Flying Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Information Guide and Publication Scheme

Our Approach to Social Media – Public Guidelines

Privacy Notice for Staff Councillors and Roleholders

Rules for the Effective Management of Recording at Local Council and Parish Meetings

Training Policy