Finance & General Purposes Committee

Meetings of the Finance and General Purposes Committee are usually held once a month. The Committee administers all financial matters relating to the Council.

The agenda for the latest meeting can be viewed here:

RCC F&GP Agenda – 9th April 2018

The minutes of previous meetings can be viewed using the tabs at the top of the page.

The Committee is made up from three representatives from each ward Moorside, Minster and Spa.

Moorside Minster Spa
Cllr A Morgan – (Chair) Cllr P McHardy (Ex Officio) Cllr M Chambers MBE
Cllr A Williams Cllr S Hawke Cllr S Martin MBE
Cllr P Horton Cllr C Powell Cllr P Pearson (Vice Chair)
Cllr J Bate