Financial Information

Ripon City Council has set a balanced budget for 2020/21.

The budget will allow for further continuation and expansion of the grant initiatives which include both small grants and monies for working in partnerships with other organisations to help deliver improvements in the City.

The Council continues to budget for the provision of a city wide bus service and an enhanced programme of family friendly Ripon City Council events within the City.  We continue to work together with NYCC to try to procure a City wide bus service.

Annual Return

The Council’s Annual Return for last two years can be found below:

Annual Return for period ending 31st March 2018

Annual Return for period ending 31st March 2017

The Council’s payments and receipts can be found below:

February 2021 Payments UTB

February 2021 Payments HSBC

January 2021 Payments UTB

January 2021 Payments HSBC

December 2020 Payments UTB

December 2020 Payments HSBC

November 2020 Payments UTB

November 2020 Payments HSBC

October 2020 Payments UTB

October 2020 Payments HSBC

September 2020 Payments UTB

September 2020 Payments HSBC

August 2020 Payments UTB

August 2020 Payments HSBC

July 2020 Payments UTB

July 2020 Payments HSBC

June 2020 Payments UTB

June 2020 Payments HSBC

May 2020 Payments UTB

May 2020 Payments HSBC

April 2020 Payments UTB

April 2020 Payments HSBC

March 2020 Payments UTB

March 2020 Payments HSBC

February 2020 Payments UTB

February 2020 Payments HSBC

January 2020 Payments UTB

January 2020 Payments HSBC

December 2019 – Payments UTB

December 2019 Payments – HSBC

November 2019 – Payments UTB

November 2019 – Payments HSBC

October 2019 – Payments UTB

October 2019 – Payments HSBC

September 2019 Payments UTB

September 2019 Payments HSBC

August 2019 – Payments UTB

August 2019 – Payments HSBC

July 2019 – Payments UTB

July 2019 – Payments HSBC

June 2019 – Payments UTB

June 2019 – Payments HSBC

May 2019 – Payments UTB

May 2019 – Payments HSBC

April 2019 – Payments UTB

April 2019 – Payments HSBC