Business Plan

In publishing a Business Plan, Ripon City Council are looking to adopt a more long-term and strategic approach to the role it plays within the City.

We are only one organisation operating within the City, so it is important that we try to ensure the residents and businesses of the City and other organisations all have a clear view of what the Council is seeking to achieve over the coming years.

This will enable us to work better together and in Partnership to improve our City.

In January 2016 with the draft Business Plan emerging, the Council discussed and agreed a budget which provides an opportunity to deliver a number of the identified actions that will help us to achieve our aspiration for the City. 

Following the elections in 2018, when the number of councillors reduced to twelve and following the Council’s decision to amend the staffing strategy the business plan has been temporarily removed from the webpage. It is in the course of being reviewed and updated.  The revised version will be available here once adopted.