About the City Council

Ripon City Council is a parish council, a third tier council, and provides limited services to the public. The majority of public services are provided by either Harrogate Borough Council or North Yorkshire County Council.

Harrogate Borough Council is the second tier Local Authority covering Ripon City Council’s area, and deals with matters such as refuse collection, street cleansing, markets, cemeteries, planning, economic development, housing and cultural provision, and is the administrative authority for the collection of Council Tax. It collects a small ‘precept’ on behalf of Ripon City Council which provides monies to fulfil the City Council’s function.

The main telephone switchboard number for Harrogate Borough Council is 01423 500600

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North Yorkshire County Council is the largest and first tier local authority covering the whole of the County. It has responsibility for the provision of services including Education, Social Services and Highways.

The Council’s headquarters are in Northallerton.

The main telephone switchboard number for NYCC is 01609 780780

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